CBD Cream By Grapefruit CBD

CBD Cream by Grapefruit CBD

Product Description 

Hourglass by Grapefruit CBD is made with only the purest form of hemp-derived CBD isolate with a purity rating exceeding 99.00%. Hourglass is THC-free and there is no risk of testing positive for THC at your place of employment. Our “Z-Pods are infused with CBD which lodge deep into your pores and follicles, and persist there, slowly releasing our CBD over an extended period of time forming a comfortable, almost invisible “patchless-patch” on the top of your skin. Laboratory tested with complete results available on every package via a designated QR Code that links directly to the batch Certificate of Analysis. 

THC-Free-  Yes 

Cruelty-Free– Yes 

Gluten-Free– Yes 

Vegan- Yes 

Quantity– 3 oz 

Price- $49.99 

Certificate Of Analysis 


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Lab Tested– Yes 

Launch Month– December, 2021

Order Link- https://hourglassonlinestore.com/product/hourglass-cream/