The Stages of Being High


As many will attest, getting high is a lot of fun. But being high is a complex state that is influenced by both internal and environmental influences, some of which we are unable to change. However, there are some aspects of being high that are quite universal, and many highs have a tendency to move in the same direction.

Keep in mind that not all cannabis products result in a high. Skin creams and vape cartridges containing CBD oil, for instance, offer some of the therapeutic properties of cannabis without getting you high because they don’t include THC, the main cannabinoid responsible for the high.


A few puffs may be sufficient to make you feel intoxicated if you are new to marijuana or have a low tolerance. When the cannabinoids pass through the blood-brain barrier, you experience that. You will start to feel more at ease thanks to the effect. The majority of people also grow more attentive and sensitive to stimuli, which includes exciting music, brilliant colours, and more pronounced tastes.

When you vape a concentrated product or sprinkle shatter or a similar substance into a joint, this might happen quickly. Keep in mind that it will take longer for you to experience the effects of the THC if you are eating an edible. You cannot overdose on marijuana, but wait until you have experienced the affects of your first marijuana brownie or sweet before taking another one.


You should start to experience the euphoric high that THC can provide a few minutes after you start toking or dabbing—or possibly 30 minutes after eating edibles.

This will feel more like elation than the happy buzz you had when you initially started smoking. You can start giggling at everything or nothing with your friends.

Some claim that during this period, especially after using a sativa strain of cannabis, they feel more productive. Take advantage of any inspiration or creativity that may strike you at this time.


Once your body awakens to the full effects of THC, your session will reach its climax. You are now in a state of complete and utter intoxication. The calm happiness and awareness to the environment around you that you experienced in earlier stages will still be there, but to a greater extent.

Particularly after consuming an indica strain, many people experience a mild sense of drowsiness and relaxation. This is also a place for meaningful discussions where you and your friends may reflect on the important issues in life. Make sure to prepare some snacks.


Extremely mild hallucinations can occur in certain people (rarely), especially at high doses. These include hearing or seeing unreal sounds or images. Many people may find this to be enjoyable, similar to a milder magic mushroom trip. However, it can also cause anxiety and occasionally depression in certain people.

Some marijuana smokers are also susceptible to experience anxiety after consuming the drug. Keep in mind to go slowly if you’re new to it and to be kind of others who might have overindulged.


The moment will come to choose whether to sober up and get some work done, crawl into bed, or light up again when the affects of the THC start to wear off. It would be polite to offer to help someone clean up after you visit them in their house, but if you smoked at home, you might opt to just go to bed and finish your work tomorrow.



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