How to Make Dry Sift Hash


In order to extract the resin from the flowers and use it for later consumption, dry sift hash involves rubbing the vegetable material with a screen. This procedure can be carried out with a grinder, a hash shaker, a hash spinner, or even a screen box. Hash will get thinner and have higher-quality qualities depending on the micron size.

What do You Need to do Dry Sift Hash?

Due to how simple and inexpensive it is to extract hash using this method—all you need are plant materials like buds, sugar leaves, and residual crop material—it is very well-liked. a screen, your hands (clad in gloves), and yourself. Some individuals press the vegetable material and extract the trichomes using a piece of wood or a credit card.

The most popular method involves sorting the hash from higher to lower quality and separating the material by size using various micron screens.

How to Make Dry Sift Hash ?

  1. Prior to beginning the operation, freeze the vegetable material so that the trichomes will easily and quickly fall off. Without initially freezing it, you can continue, but it will take longer.
  2. Put the material in the appliance of your choice. In most cases, consumers choose a screen box or a hash shaker; nevertheless, professional producers that need to extract big volumes of hash quickly employ motorised spinners.
  3. Move the vegetable material from side to side while gently pushing for the trichomes to fall off using your hands (while wearing gloves), a piece of wood, or any other hard item. In order to avoid harm, don’t press too hard.
  4. When you’re finished rubbing, open the box’s bottom, scrape the hash (using a card will make things easier), and then shape it whatever you choose.
  5. The fact that this method does not require curing before consumption is another advantage. Use a T Pollen Press to create it a more substantial shape so that you can pack it or transport it.



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