How To Dry Cannabis Quickly


It’s important to note that you must properly dry and cure your cannabis strain if you want to enjoy it to the fullest extent possible with little harshness and get the most out of your high.

If you can’t wait that long, you can quickly dry your bud and give it a shot. Even though some of these typical methods might destroy the euphoric properties of your marijuana, they will at least enable you to smoke some bud while you wait for the rest of your harvest to be ready.

Using Brown Paper Bags

Flower can be dried in plain brown paper bags, like those seen in bakeries. Buds of popcorn in particular. A few freshly groomed tiny nugs should be placed in a paper bag and left to dry for two to seven days.

Placing the bag on a computer or laptop fan might help things go more quickly. To keep the interior components of computers and laptops cool, fans vent warm air from the devices. Up until they are totally dry, flip the buds over every 10 minutes or so.

The buds will still be powerful even if it takes an hour or longer. You shouldn’t expect to smell the entire perfume spectrum. Instead, anticipate a rather tense smoke.

Drying in a Boiler Room

Almost every house has a boiler room. The water boiler inside the chamber maintains a comfortable temperature while minimising relative humidity. This place is great for swiftly drying cannabis. Smaller buds should all be put in brown bags, while larger buds can be dried as usual by hanging them with thread.

The primary distinction is that by turning on the hot water heater, you will raise the temperature. Large crops can be completely dried in three days if the hot water is left flowing for the majority of the time. This method does have the drawback of increasing utility expenses.

Sun Drying

Outdoor cannabis growers have traditionally dried their buds on rocks in the sun. Although it isn’t the most effective method, it does the job of drying cannabis. Heat and sunlight will also degrade quality.

Throwing a few popcorn buds in a brown bag and letting them dry in the sun should be sufficient if you need to fast dry small buds and it’s hot and sunny outside. Use a boulder to weigh down the bag to protect your supply of marijuana from being destroyed by a strong wind. The waiting game is another option.

After a couple of days of warm, dry weather with lots of sunshine, you should have some crisp buds to smoke.

Bake the Buds 

Cannabis is frequently baked to achieve decarboxylation. Instead of trying to decarb the buds, you are merely seeking to sufficiently dry them out. One of the quickest ways to dry marijuana is by doing this. For this method, you’ll need an oven pan, such a cookie sheet.

Your buds should be baked for 10 minutes after being placed on the baking pan. Set the oven’s temperature between 125 and 140 degrees. Flip them every five minutes to ensure consistent drying. The moisture from the bud is effectively removed with this method. You will taste the roughness, and the flavour cannot be compared to that of gently dried buds.



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